U Won’t Believe What A Man Did To Sherri Shepherd For Posting Funeral Fight!

Posted On : January 10, 2017

Comedic actress/former “The View” co-host, Sherri Shepherd, is really catching a lot of flack over the fight video she filmed at comedian, Ricky Harris,’ funeral. So much so, that she says she recently had a public ordeal with a very angry dude over it. See what she explained…


fb sherri sheperd As we previously reported, due to all of the backlash and controversy over the video, Sherri Shepherd released a statement of apology on Jan. 7 and in part of her statement she said “I would like to sincerely apologize to the family of Ricky Harris and the community of Long Beach, CA for the periscope video that was filmed outside of his memorial service. [...] I would never intentionally disrespect his honor and legacy and I'm truly sorry for any distress the video caused.”

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