Uh Oh!!! Kim Fields Goes OFF On Real Housewives’ Kenya In Instagram Rant!

Posted On : February 22, 2016

fb kim and kenya2-20Kim Fields is sick and tired of being sick and tired and she has just about had it up to HERE with her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star, Kenya Moore a.k.a. ‘Ms. Twirl Queen.’ I guess Kim, just like the rest of us, didn’t get a peak at last night’s episode until it actually aired on T.V. and after she heard all of the smack Kenya was talking about her husband, Christopher, when she made claims that he was gay and “fruity,” Kim clapped back with the quickness.

Kim Fields with her husband, Christopher Morgan
Kim Fields with her husband, Christopher Morgan

As soon as the show aired, Kim decided to let it all out in an Instagram rant. Here is her message to Kenya:

#RHOA… #WTF kind of time traveling “source” are you that you can make me married to someone diff when you did your ONE ep of #LivingSingle? I’ve told you keep my family out of your unimportant irrelevant mouth. As I said in #Jamaica, my husband’s industry calls him by his professional name only, with the utmost respect for who he is as a performer AS WELL AS a dedicated #husband a #father, whereas you have no industry let alone one that calls you. Magical to me that “fake” is actually what is SO desperately desired. A good marriage is work, work we love; we are both on our second, so we know how to be out if it’s not the right fit, for any reason. Shame on anyone who continues to try to tear down #marriage and families, especially in the name of storyline. BTW, I have NEVER “come for you” in my life. #TRUETOMYSELF‬ #FAMILY‬ #MARRIAGEMATTERS‬

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We still don’t quite get why Kim- a classy legendary actress- is on Real Housewives, because she isn’t the wild, reality show type, but if nothing else, the show has folks talking about her again, which is always a good thing. Some may say that Kenya is hitting below the belt with her gay allegations, and yeah she is, but welcome to reality TV Kim Fields, where all is far in love and war…and ratchetness. I wonder if Kim is gonna think twice before re-upping on next season’s contract though.

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