Uh Oh! Tank’s Fiancee Out Here Checkin’ Women Over Her Man & Tank Reacts

Posted On : September 5, 2017
Tank and his fiancee, Zena Foster

Somebody done pissed off singer, Tank’s, fiancee and she made it known she wasn’t about the games today.

Tank and Zena Foster have been together for the past 12 years and Tank finally popped the question to her in January 2017. They share two children and Tank has three more kids from previous relationships. After witnessing Zena clap-back to one of Tank’s fans, it’s clear to see why he’s probably been attracted to her for so long- she’s evidently his ride or die chick. At least, that’s what she displayed today. So much so, that Tank even decided to jump in and defend his woman.

The Drama

Here’s what went down: Tank posted a video on social media, stating that he was in the midst of kickin’ off his current tour, ‘The Savage Tour.’ He looked a lil’ tired, but explained that his allergies were doing a job on him.

All was fine and dandy, until one commenter took a jab at Zena and then flirted with Tank via the comments, saying that she couldn’t wait to see him on the tour in the V.I.P. section.

lovelove78910: @realtank I’m just ready to see your sexy ass in VIP!!! With your fine a$$…@zenafoster you sure you’re fu&*ing hm right because babby.

Zena’s response was:

“Don’t you ever disrespect me like that again!”

Then Zena put that extra stank on her clap-back with this:

“By the way you may have been VIP but you will be receiving your money back.”

Screenshot via TheShadeRoom

Fans React

Tank’s fans were loving it too. One of them even referenced the song from the movie, Hustle & Flow, “Whoop That Trick.”


Tank’s Response

Tank and Zena

Then came Tank’s clap-back/PSA announcement about disrespect in defense of his wife against social media haters. Many applauded her effort of standing up for herself, while others called her ‘childish’ for clapping back at a random fan of Tank’s. Peep Tank’s response below…


Ahhh…gotta love the life of a celebrity- just like the rest of us, there will always be highs, lows, and a lil’ drama sprinkled in between. Overall, I think this calls for former Death Row Records singer, Jewell’s, 90’s remake of Shirley Brown’s “Woman To Woman”…the lyrics seem to say exactly what Zena Foster’s going off about regarding her man, Tank. Take us out Jewell…

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