Uh Oh! Tiny Reportedly Plans Revenge On TI After He& Side Chick Spotted Publicly

Posted On : May 14, 2017

fb ti and tiny10

According to Hollywood Life, Tiny’s plan involves getting back at Tiny with another celebrity…one we know very well. Check it out below:

Is T.I. Tired Of Keeping Low Profile w/Side Chick?

Via HL: We’ve also heard EXCLUSIVELY that the [T.I.] has “strong feelings” for Bernice, and wants to be free to express them. “Tip and Bernice [are] together,” our source explained. “He doesn’t give a f*** anymore and will continue to bring his babe out in public.”

Is Tiny Planning Revenge With T.I.’s Rival, Floyd Mayweather?

Tiny and Floyd Mayweather

“Tiny is trying to use her pain as a reminder of why she had no choice but to end things,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.com. “She’s praying and leaning on God and trying to take the higher road. But, she’s angry too. She’s hurting and a part of her wants to hurt T.I. right back and give him a taste of his own medicine.”

“Floyd’s club opening in Las Vegas is this weekend and he invited Tiny to come down and celebrate,” our insider revealed! “She wasn’t going to go, but since T.I. was in the club with Bernice, she’s now talking about going to punish him.”

Laaawd…y’all probably remember that chair throwing scuffle T.I. and Floyd had over Tiny a few years ago. If there’s one thing that would probably gets that T.I riled up, her “friendly” relationship with Floyd is probably it. But hey, what do we know, right? We’re not in their personal lives, nor their bedrooms, so only time will tell how this truly turns out in the end. Wishing the Harris’ the best once again.

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