Uh Oh! Wife Of Ice-T Blasts Back At Black Women Coming At Her w/”Stupid” Accusations

Posted On : July 23, 2017
Rapper/actor, Ice -T with his wife, Coco

Listen up everybody: Ice-T’s wife, Coco, is pissed with the many negative comments she’s been getting from mostly African American women on social media lately and she has something to say about it. *Scroll down to see her video response*

The Recap:

In case you missed our previous report, here’s a quick recap on why both Ice-T and his wife of 15 years are blasting back at folks online: The other day, Coco showed off her new braided/cornrow hairstyle and named it “da Coco Swoop.” Many African American fans were offended by Coco’s renaming of the Black culture-inspired braided hairdo and accused her of partaking in cultural appropriation. They felt as though Coco -a Caucasian woman- was acting as if she created the style by renaming it after herself, as opposed to referring to the hairstyle as what it is. Some commenters also told Coco she should have at least given credit to a Black celebrity like Beyonce,’ Patrice Rushen, or Alicia Keys for wearing the hairstyle before her.

Ice-T then took to social media to stand up for his wife and blast a fan for blaming him, as a Black man, for making Coco ‘believe it is okay’ to participate in cultural appropriation.

Coco’s 2-Part Video Clap-Back

Ice T; wife, Coco; and their adorable daughter

Days had gone by and Coco never responded. Then on Saturday, she finally responded to the many predominantly African American women who came at her and she’s pissed. Coco posted a two part video message on her Instagram page and started if off by saying “So recently I got social media’s panties in a bunch because I got braids to my hair. This is so stupid…”

(L) Beyonce in “Lemonade” video; (R) 70s/80s soul legend, singer/musician Patrice Rushen

Coco then began going off and stated that her hair is a “Coco-ism” and “not a race thing.” She also said she didn’t understand why some commenters were okay with calling the braided style “the Lemonade” and that she was confused as to why Beyonce,’ a Black woman, could rename a hairstyle, but not her. FYI: Beyonce’ never referred to her braided hairstyle in her Lemonade video as “the Lemonade,” but Coco was just referencing what some fans renamed it on Beyonce’s behalf. Anywho, Check out both of her angry video messages below…
Part 1

Since everybody is trying to make a big deal about my braids let me tell you how I feel…. I'm trying to nip this in the bud now.. (Watch the next post for a continuation of this video)

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Part 2

As I stated before, it doesn’t seem like Coco meant any harm in her original braids video, but if there’s one thing she probably learned from this, it’s that Black women are sensitive about their hair and hairstyles. So the last thing a White woman should do is piss them off by taking what’s their’s (no, not Ice-T…the hairstyle) and renaming it as their own. Sounds petty? Sure, BUT the hundreds of years of constantly being told the ridiculous lie that ‘you’re not good enough’ by the sick, brainwashed system of America is not petty and is connected directly to this very topic of discussion. So their frustration is understandable…not completely void of petty…but understandable indeed.

Nonetheless, it’s still commendable that Coco didn’t run from the heat and spoke out to try to explain her side.

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