Usher’s STD Accuser Gives Questionable Press Conference & Stuns Viewers

Posted On : August 7, 2017

As of today, August 7, 2017, Usher’s legal problems regarding accusations that he infected some people with the herpes simplex 2 virus, just took a weird turn that has many asking questions.

As we previously reported, celebrity attorney, Lisa Bloom, revealed that several people had contacted her after the herpes allegations surfaced a couple weeks ago. Then on Saturday, Bloom released a statement that she was representing three of them- two of whom would remain anonymous and one who would be revealing her identity via an upcoming press conference.

Watch Accuser Give Details About Her Alleged Sexcapade w/Usher

Well, lo and behold, Attorney Bloom and the accuser, Quantasia Sharpton, held true to their promise. This morning they held a press conference to address the Quantasia’s accusations that she had sex with Usher without him informing her that he allegedly had herpes. She says they had a one night stand after she met Usher at his concert and later hooked up with him at a hotel.

As soon as the press conference was wrapped, there were two things that stood out to us: (1) People’s reactions to the accuser’s physical appearance; and (2) her questionable motive behind her press conference.

Public Reactions To Accuser

Here is just a small sample of the many comments we saw from fans who were taking shots at the woman’s body type:

Here’s the thing, we- here at ILoveOldSchoolMusic- not shocked by the possibility that Usher may have allegedly had sex with that young lady. Unlike the commenters who took jabs at her weight, here’s a news flash: Many men, celebs included, love BBW’s- big, beautiful women. Nothing wrong with that at all, moving on. BUT there is something that we ARE questioning regarding Quantasia Sharpton’s claims…

Why In The Hell Did She Hold A Press Conference?

Attorney Lisa Bloom and her client, Quantasia Sharpton

The thing that jumped out to us is that as we watched the accuser’s press conference and saw that Quantasia said she has NO STD from Usher, nor was she raped, or sexually assaulted in any way. At that point it became confusing as to why Quantasia Sharpton decided to show her face on television and across the internet with her claims.

Like, what does she have to gain from telling the world that she is STD free? It kinda seems as though she just wanted to become known as ‘the chick who banged with Usher.’ If Quantasia’s purpose was to simply sue Usher for allegedly putting her life at risk with an herpes infection, she could have simply done what the other Usher accusers are doing- sue him behind the scenes and be listed in court documents as “Jane Doe.”

Usher Allegations Getting Weirder

Overall, this whole situation, regarding the herpes claims against Usher, is getting more bizarre by the minute. First there was the one woman; then a second woman, who allegedly knows his wife; then there was an anonymous man making some wild claims; plus another anonymous woman. Now this- a woman who did not contract an STD from Usher, but still decided to make her face known to the public anyway. Hopefully this brief stint in the public’s eye gave Ms. Sharpton whatever it is that she’s seeking from all of this. What that is though? We have no clue.

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