Victoria Rowell Reveals She Was Raised In Foster Care & What Cosby Did To Help Her

Posted On : July 29, 2017

Victoria Rowell may have started out as a talented ballet dancer and model. But her career skyrocketed when she decided to take on acting. She made her debut in the 1987 comedy film, Leonard Part 6. But, when she landed the role of Drucilla Winters on The Young and the Restless, everything changed.

From there, she went on to star in the CBS medical crime drama Diagnosis: Murder and appeared on both shows, simultaneously, for more than 8 years. But like most celebrities, there’s more than what meets the eye with Victoria Rowell. Behind closed doors, she does have a personal life, and many fans may not know but life wasn’t a walk in the part for Victoria. She comes from humble beginnings.

When Rowell appeared on Oprah Winfrey: Where Are They Now, she shared details about her life behind closed doors. For those who don’t know, Rowell documented her early life in her book The Women Who Raised Me. During a recent interview, she discussed how she was raised in foster care. “I was never meant to be raised by one mother, but by many,” said Rowell. Check out the video:

On a number of occasions, she’s also spoken publicly about her divorce.

But through it all, she’s managed to persevere. Along the way, she’s met many influential people who have impacted her life and there’s one person in particular, who changed her life. While many people aren’t a fan of Bill Cosby, right now, Victoria Rowell has a great reason to pay homage to the Cosby Show star. She’s revealed Bill was the reason she landed her debut role. Cosby was so impressed with Rowell’s audition, he cast her as his daughter in the film. From that point on, she continued to reach new heights.

Now, Victoria is embarking on her own path with a new daytime drama titled The Rich and The Ruthless. On July 11, she tweeted about the new series and announced its release date – July 28. Fans can catch The Rich and The Ruthless on the Urban Movie Channel.

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