Video- After Maia Campbell Rejects LL Cool J’s Help, An Intervention Team Takes Over

Posted On : July 11, 2017

After a heartbreaking video surfaced of 90’s actress, Maia Campbell, seemingly back on drugs, the public was saddened to see her in such a horrific state and want to see her win. The video went viral with many people praying and expressing their concern for Maia’s well-being. Well now, it seems like those prayers were answered as Maia is getting the help she needs. In the words of my momma, “Look at Gawd!”

Rough Times:

In case you missed our previous report, on Saturday, July 8th (2017), a video surfaced of Maia Campbell on the streets of the ATL . Although she has bipolar disorder, in the video, Maia appeared to be high and not necessarily suffering solely from symptoms of bipolar. An unknown man is seen in the video speaking with Campbell, as she pumped gas. The man then asks Maia if she wants “some powder or some crack” and she goes on a tangent about being raped by a man who calls himself Bill Cosby. It’s difficult to see a beautiful, talented woman, with so much potential take a downward spiral to this level. In the video, Maia is scantily dressed, with her hair disheveled and it appears that she may have lost some teeth. She’s not herself and she looks as if she’s under the influence of something. Check it out below…

LL Cool J.’s Plea To Maia:

The video of Maia Campbell went viral and caught the attention of many people including her ” In The House” costar, LL Cool J. Upon discovery that Maia needed help, the hip hop icon took to Twitter and asked for Maia to contact him.

In addition, he slammed the dude who recorded the video by suggesting that people should help someone who is in need instead of mocking them on social media.

While it is never okay to embarrass someone who needs help, in a small way, the video brought attention to the dangers of substance abuse. Because she is not regularly seen on television, many people may have assumed that everything was now all good with her, or simply may have forgotten who she was altogether. Seeing herself in such a negative light may be the motivation Maia needs to sober up permanently. But Maia wasn’t really feeling LL’s help. See what she said below…

Maia Responds To LL: “Don’t Call Me I’ll Call You”

Fameolous shared a video of Maia Campbell hours before she was locked up in the county for a mental evaluation. She appears to be in a hair salon working and someone named “Darryl” is recording her. In the video, she speaks directly to LL by calling him ” Todd.” She began by saying that she loved him and that she was okay. Maia continued to explain that she has real estate investments, as well as being on the Centric reality show From The Bottom Up. Boldly, she stated that she was good and that she didn’t need any help from LL Cool J. Watch her video below…

Maia Now In Custody…For Her Own Good

Here’s the best news of it all: Maia Campbell is currently being held at the Dekalb County for a mental health evaluation. The center will hold Maia Campbell until her family and intervention team arrive to take her to a place that can help. A video of a woman whose Instagram name is, rosadessie123, provided an update on Maia’s progress. It appears that she’s a life coach and one of the people who cares about Maia.

See Insider Update On Maia’s Intervention:

It's been a hectic negotiating day,It's not easy #maiacampbell is being held by #DekalbCounty for #Evaluation while her family and intervention team can find a way.She's safe for tonight.Thank you for all the inbox and support I'll do it from my heart I also have children and I pray if the going through someone stand with them like a angel on a mission.There's no shame just be loving and present and listen to the dynamic of the story.We all have them some hidden some obvious but noone is perfect especially with mental illness is real.Love your children and love one.#Stop glamorizing negative behavior and expecting more but when we get what we painted embrace it too..#God is love #Intervention is caring.#Nooneisfamous but we all our human so imperfect.#Video

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We sincerely hope Maia Campbell will finally be able to remain strong, fight her battles and get back to the talented, amazing woman that she truly is.

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