(Video) Ashanti Spazzes & Curses Out Fan At Concert For Treating Her Like A “Stripper”

Posted On : November 20, 2017

ILOSM fam,’ we all know that in the current days of twerkin’ substance-less music, and lack of love songs. That, combined with the fact that when it comes to many female singers oftentimes performing in nothing more the a piece of string, with about 12 inches of fabric covering their lady parts, the line between singer and stripper can sometimes get blurred. By the way, that was no judgement at all, those said singers look hella good doing what they do in my opinion.

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On the flip side though, whatever fan reactions the ladies get from their clothing onstage, or lack thereof, they must be prepared to deal with it. That was the case when the ‘blurred stripper line’ was crossed between Ashanti and a fan at her recent concert.

Watch Ashanti Check Fan


On Saturday, Nov. 18th, Ashanti and Ja Rule performed at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center in Honolulu. As she was singing while simultaneously giving a choreographed lap dance to one of her fans onstage, the whole situation went left. A random fan- who was later determined to be a strip club owner but we’ll get into that in a minute- started making it rain on Ashanti with a boatload of $1 bills. As he was emphatically tossin’ ’em up on the stage, Ashanti suddenly put her lap dance on pause and cursed the dude out with this message:

“Let me tell you something…stop, stop, stop. Yo, I’mma need you to stop throwing that money…I’m not a FUC*IN’ STRIPPER!”

Fan Apologizes AND Claps Back

The crowd went wild and he stopped, but then later on, news surfaced that the fan, Dyamin Thomas, was the owner of a nearby strip club in Honolulu. He also took the liberty of apologizing to Ashanti on social media, but not before clapping back at her for being hypocritical…


Regardless of if Ashanti was onstage giving out sexy lap dances, bottom line is she isn’t an exotic dancer, so it’s understandable why she felt disrespected. Now, there’s nothing wrong with women choosing to be exotic dancers. However, when a female singer appears to be okay with mimicking some of the moves and clothing of an exotic dancer during her shows, it’s also understandable how that blurred line can mistakenly get confusing. Word to the wise for anyone else planning on going to Ashanti’s shows though: Don’t come for her, unless she comes for you.

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