VIDEO- Braxton Sisters Took Us To Church With This Touching Performance

Posted On : July 19, 2015

braxtons singing2 The Braxtons returned to their roots in this video clip with Bishop T.D. Jakes and they took us back to church. If you’ve ever watched The Braxtons on their reality show, Braxton Family Values, one thing you’ve probably noticed is that they are a pretty good embodiment of what many families are.

Mama Evelyn crying while watching her daughters sing.
Mama Evelyn crying while watching her daughters sing.

Their close knit family is oftentimes peppered with moments of bitterness and bickering, like what we’ve witnessed between Tamar vs. Traci (well, Tamar vs. just about all of her sisters); it has it’s fair share of clicks like the camaraderie between Trina and Towanda, or Towanda and Toni Braxton; it has some spurts of jealousy like what Tamar has sometimes shown toward Toni because of her success in music; but one thing that has always remained a constant within their family, is the pure love that they all have for one another. That love is genuinely there no matter what issues, or cat fights the ladies have.

On a recent episode of their show, all five Braxton sisters came together with the…

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