[VIDEO] Ginuwine Refuses To Kiss Trans Woman On Live TV, Sparks Heated Debate Online

Posted On : January 9, 2018

ILOSM fam,’ apparently Ginuwine (a straight man) has ruffled a few feathers for rejecting a transsexual woman on live television. The “So Anxious” singer recently appeared on an episode of Celebrity Big Brother UK and it looks like he had a relatively awkward moment with a trans woman named, India Willoughby. At some point during the discussion, Willoughby shared details about the dilemma she faces in the dating world, because not all men are open to dating transsexuals. So, of course the big question to all of the guys on the show was simple: Would they date a transsexual woman? However, this discussion gets a bit awkward when sexual orientation comes into play and the look on Ginuwine’s face says it all…

Not Gay Or Straight:

So, Willoughby identifies herself as a transsexual woman, interested in men. To many heterosexual people, he would seem like a gay man dressed as a woman dating another man. However, Willoughby doesn’t view herself that way, because she simply identifies as a woman and that’s how she wants men to view her. She admitted that dating is quite difficult because heterosexual men usually aren’t with it, because they just can’t see her as a woman. At the end of the day, most of them only see her as a man, so technically, it’s not a heterosexual relationship. Like many heterosexual men,  Ginuwine was also a tad confused by Willoughby’s explanation, because it also took him a second to make sure he had the details right.

Willoughby went on to ask Ginuwine if he’d date a woman. Of course, he said, “Yes.” But when Willoughby added a more detailed description, asking the singer if he’d date a “trans” woman, he made it clear that he would not. However, he didn’t give off any homophobic vibes, he was just being honest. But when she asked for a kiss, he quickly shut her down. Check out the video:

Based on the video, Willoughby was visibly disgusted by Ginuwine’s rejection and it seems other viewers were too.

Outrage On Social Media:

Surprisingly, this clip has caused quite a debate on social media. Apparently, there are social media users who are really criticizing Ginuwine for refusing to kiss Willoughby, a transexual woman. But of course, there are fans defending the singer, his personal space, and his right to deny what most describe as ‘advances from another man’:

“If someone tried to kiss YOU, and you don’t want it–its sexual harassment…if it’s someone trying to kiss Ginuwine and he doesn’t want it–get mad at HIM. Makes sense. Keep your mouth to yourself unless you are asked, and learn to respect other’s boundaries,” one fan said.

Of course, the debate has spilled over to Twitter. Check out some of the tweets:

Then, of course, there are fans with a totally different perspective.



What do you think about Ginuwine’s reaction? Share your thoughts with us on this one ILOSM fam.’

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