VIDEO Don’t Let The Soft Voice Fool U, MJ Didn’t Back Down From NOBODY!

Posted On : April 2, 2015

michael jackson sony sign

We only saw one side of Michael Jackson over the years…the polite side, but most of us NEVER knew he was ’bout it like this! Michael Jackson went straight gangster! It was at a fan appreciation event called ‘Killer Thriller.’

To most on the inside of the music business, Michael Jackson was an excellent businessman. If you think about it, he learned from some vets he hung out with like BERRY GORDY, QUINCY JONES, DIANA ROSS, PAUL MCCARTNEY and obviously his father – JOE. So with the legends he hung around in the music biz, he couldn’t help but absorb how to be strong and tough when need-be, especially with negotiations for mega deals. The only thing is that the type of courage and strength had was the kind that most in the industry don’t have. You see it has now been proven that MJ was not the MJ we knew him to be. He was more like Bob Marley, Tupac, Malcolm X, or Martin Luther King– all of whom had known (or perceived) threats against there life and ultimately spoke out even louder to stand up for what they felt was right. Even after Michael knew there were several inside threats on his life, he would go out and speak out even more against the evils of the music industry, making sure that he made it very clear to his enemies that he wasn’t NEVER scared!

Watch him tell it like it is in this video…

Michael Jackson said most of the problems came from his buy-out of half of Sony’s song catalog. After he bought half of Sony’s publishing for $45 million (it’s now worth over a billion) he was doomed for murder, according to what he told…

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