(Video) Watching El Debarge Sing With His Grown Son Is Like Déjà vu…Must See

Posted On : September 11, 2017
El DeBarge

It’s apparent that R&B crooner, El DeBarge doesn’t look like what he’s been through, because the brotha’s look is still as sharp as it was in 1985. He’s been through some serious stuff though. His struggles with drugs have been public because El revealed that he developed a drug addiction after receiving prescription medication for toothache pain, after having a tooth pulled by his dentist. Up until then, DeBarge had not used drugs, unlike his siblings who admittedly began to abuse drugs during the height of their careers. With an addiction that lasted nearly 25 years, El became clean and sober, gaining a second chance in life and he still has it. When El DeBarge performs his classic hits,  like  “Time Will Reveal” or “Love Me in a Special Way,” it’s like time has stood still because his voice is still on point.

If you’re a fan of good music, then you probably are familiar with the DeBarge fam.’ The Detroit, Michigan,  natives who grew up in Grand Rapids, MI and ultimately gave us some of the most classic old school R&B classics of all time. The ladies loved the five brothers and the male fans loved the Bunny DeBarge- the only sister of the sibling crew. Well, good looks and talent must be a DeBarge trait, that was proven after El showed off his son’s skills on Twitter. Check them out below…

Meet El DeBarge’s Son, Zechariah DeBarge a.k.a. Owl Badstyne

(L) Throwback photo of El Debarge; (R) El’s son, Zechariah DeBarge a.k.a. Owl Badstyne

Like father, like son, Zechariah DeBarge is the son of El DeBarge and he is just as talented as his father. According to his Facebook page, Zechariah refers to himself as a music producer, singer, songwriter, and actor known as Owl Badstyne. Handsome and talented like his father, it’s beautiful to see them together as Zechariah bears a strong resemblance to El’s older brother, the late Bobby DeBarge. Zechariah is a great example of how the legacy of the DeBarge family will never die. Recording and performing together, El shared a video of them together hinting that a collaboration is in the making.

See The Father & Son Performing Below:

As we previously reported, we learned that El not only has Zechariah, his talented prodigy, but he has 11 other children. Speaking with Jet magazine, El revealed that he fathered 12 children with five different women, three of which he was married to. Sadly, he shared that his addiction affected his relationships with his children as well, and what he’s now doing, and already has done, to restore their faith in him as a father. You can read that story HERE.

Grateful for new beginnings, it’s clear that El is committed to doing what he loves, which is singing and spending time with his family. We wish his son Owl Badstyne much success.


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