Was Mariah High For Epic NYE Performance? See Why Some Think So

Posted On : January 2, 2017

Since Mariah Carey’s disastrous New Year’s Eve performance, fans have all been asking the same question: What in the world is wrong with Mariah? Initially, her camp claimed she didn’t have time for a soundcheck prior to hitting the stage, but according to the Daily Mail, there was indeed a sound check. So, what could have possibly been the issue?


ILOSM fam, a new report is now suggesting Mariah may have been high during the performance at Times Square. So, what would make anyone think Mariah was high? Apparently, photos have surfaced of Mariah leaving a marijuana dispensary in Aspen, Colorado on Christmas Eve, which was a whole WEEK before New Year’s Eve. So either that was some STRONG weed for her to still be high a week later, or she bought the weed, transported it back to NY and waited to smoke it just before her concert. It’s possible, but they may be reaching a lil’ bit, no?


Anyways, Mariah was decked out in a green gown, when she was spotted at The Original Leaf (the weed dispensary). According to the dispensary’s website, it “offers the largest selection of marijuana and marijuana-infused products more than any other marijuana dispensary in Aspen, Colorado.” So maybe it could have been a strong long lasting high (I joke, I kid, LOL)…


Although we really don’t know if weed was the reason for Mariah’s’ epic onstage blunder, to many, the photos seem like the perfect pieces to the puzzle. Mariah has yet to respond to the allegations. But, if her response is anything like the one she shared on New Year’s Day after being criticized for the performance, she’s probably totally unbothered…


Despite the awkward performance, many fans have agreed Mariah gave 2016 exactly what it deserved and her blunder was quite befitting for the seemingly tumultuous year!

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