Wendy Williams Finally Sends Message To Fans Who Are Body Shaming Her Bikini Pics

Posted On : September 14, 2017
(Photo by Omar Vega/Invision/AP, File)

Over the weekend, Wendy Williams was caught in the middle of a full blown drag session on social media. For those who missed it, bikini photos of the ever-so-outspoken talk show host surfaced online and it didn’t take long for people everywhere to give Wendy a dose of her own medicine and start bashing her with their harsh opinions of her bikini body. In fact, many social media users actually wondered how Wendy would respond to all of the criticism. Well guess what ILOSM fam?’ You’re about to find out…

It’s quite obvious she’s heard all about the brutal comments on the now infamous black string bikini she was rockin’ in Barbados. Now, she’s finally responding to the social media backlash, but of course, the Wendy Williams Show host is defending herself like only she can and we wouldn’t expect nothing less from the brutally honest diva.

Wendy Claps Back:

Since Wendy has never been one to hold her tongue, it comes as no surprise that she has something to say to her naysayers.  But surprisingly, Wendy has a different response to all of the drama. On Wednesday, September 13, Wendy took to Instagram with a quick video of herself sitting in a floatie, enjoying the beach. Apparently, Wendy is absolutely unbothered by the comments. She captioned the video with a quick statement addressing the elephant in the room. She also revealed she will discuss her “beach body” on the Wendy Williams Show.

“If you’re gonna live in a glass house…I’ll see you Monday and oh yes, I will talk about my beach body,” she wrote. “P.S. I never go in the water without a few floatation devices.”


I guess her “flotation devices” comment was in reference to the backlash she’s also been getting about her seemingly larger breasts as well.

Wendy Williams on a beach in Barbados

An “L” Or A “W”?:

Of course, many people see Wendy’s bikini ordeal as an embarrassing disaster, but on the flip side, Wendy might actually get the “W” for this one. Why? Since Wendy revealed her plans to discuss the backlash, now there’s so much anticipation about the show that her ratings might reach a season peak. It’s probably safe to say that many people will be patiently waiting to see how Wendy responds. So, you never know, Wendy Williams may have just found a way to turn her lemons into lemonade. We shall see though.

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