Wendy Williams Grills Tito On Janet’s Relations w/Bobby Brown & Pregnancy

Posted On : June 16, 2016

Tito Jackson was on “The Wendy Williams Show” recently and got bombarded with questions about his family. Now in case you didn’t know, Tito is one of the coolest brothers out of the entire Jackson clan- he has swag and talks like he’s fresh out of a Billy Dee Williams film *”Do you want my hand to fall off?”* (only our old schoolers will recognize that line), and that’s exactly how Tito spoke to Wendy as she grilled him on everything from Janet, to why his mother chose his son, TJ, to be the guardian of MJ’s kids and not him…


tito jackson4 Tito went on the show to promote his new album and single ft. Big Daddy Kane titled, "Get It Baby," but y'all know he couldn't leave that interview without getting questioned about his family. Check out Tito's interview...

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