Wendy Williams Slightly Shades Terry Crews For Coming Forward w/Sexual Assault Claim

Posted On : November 18, 2017

Wendy Williams is notorious for speaking her mind but sometimes she takes things a bit far. Her latest statements about Terry Crews will probably fall into the category of “going too far.” A couple days ago, Wendy decided to give her opinion of Crews coming forward with sexual assault allegations against a Holywood executive.

Not Brave At All:

According to Too Fab, she had quite a bit to say about the Terry. Wendy claims she was asked if she thought it was brave of Terry Crews to speak out. She gave an interesting response. Needless to say, the statement was definitely somethin’ you’d expect from Wendy Williams. “I was asked in my meeting this morning, do I think it was brave of him to come out. I said, ‘No, it’s not brave, he’s just talking,” Williams said on her daytime talk show Wednesday, while discussing Crews’ Good Morning America interview that aired earlier that same day. For those who missed Crews’ interview, he actually named WME talent agent, Adam Venit, as the man who assaulted him.

From a professional stance, Wendy believes Crews’ claims may hurt his career. “It may have a really negative effect on his career, do you know what I mean? Being all black and being all chatty and this agent… He named names y’all. Terry’s going in.”

Hard Truth?:

Due to all the backlash Wendy faced when she slammed Nelly’s rape accuser, she made it a point to note that what happened to Terry Crews was “disgusting.” Although she commended the brotha for coming forward, she believes he will suffer for doing so. “The agent is on leave and I hate to talk color, but he probably got a very, very lovely shoebox full of money from William Morris, this is -in my mind- to just disappear for a moment,” she said. “I’m glad Terry came forward to expose…unfortunately, I feel that in the race war that’s going on in this country still, Terry will suffer,” she added. “But good for you Terry and shame on you bald man.”

Well damn…after shading Terry Crews for ‘not being brave,’ by doing what most straight male celebs would be scared as hell to do, at least Wendy eventually gave the man his props for stepping up and revealing his truth.

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