Whaat? Sister Of Tupac Revealed She Has Kids With 90s Rapper Many Wouldn’t Expect

Posted On : July 15, 2017
Tupac with his mother, Afeni Shakur

The world knows Tupac, but most never knew his younger sister, whom he was very close to and highly protective of. ‘Pac’s sister is four years his junior and they share the same mother, the late Afeni Shakur, but they have different fathers.

Meet Tupac’s Sister

Young ‘Pac with his sister, Sekyiwa Shakur

Her name is Sekyiwa Shakur, but her close loved ones refer to her by her nickname, ‘Set.’ The 41 year old sis’ of Tupac was also portrayed in his new biopic, All Eyez On Me, in which ‘Pac referred to her as ‘Seky’ in the movie.

Tupac’s sister, Sekyiwa Shakur

The entire time we watched Tupac become the iconic larger than life rap artist in the 90’s, Sekyiwa preferred staying behind the scenes. That’s why it wasn’t until after ‘Pac’s passing that his fans got a brief glimpse of Set, when she made a couple public appearances in honor of her big brother. Her low key profile is also why most of us never knew she has two children with a 90’s rapper who was very close to ‘Pac. So close in fact, that he’s often described ‘Pac as being ‘like a brother’ to him and he had a tremendous amount of love for him.

Father Of Sekyiwa Shakur’s Kids Is A Member Of ‘Pac’s Rap Group

*Video above contains explicit language*

In a past interview, Sekyiwa dropped a whopper of a bombshell when she casually mentioned that she has two children with a member of The Outlawz. Remember them? They were Tupac’s group, which he was also a member of and they were also like his second family. *Scroll down to see their kids*

Tupac with his Outlawz group members; EDI pictured in red shirt and jacket

The father of Set’s two kids is Outlawz member, EDI. Most 90s hip hop fans recognize him very well, because he was always seen with ‘Pac in music videos and at public events. EDI also played himself in the All Eyez On Me biopic.

EDI of The Outlawz

EDI and Sekyiwa have a son named Malik, and daughter named Nzingha. EDI and Set are no longer a couple and she’s since married her husband, Gregory Jackson (m. 2003). In her prior interview with AllHipHop, Sekyiwa confirmed that she and EDI still successfully co-parented their kids though, by saying “EDI of the Outlawz and I have two children together, and we’ve raised them together.”

Meet Their Two Kids

Sekyiwa (2nd from left, back row) with her four siblings (all standing) and her she and EDI’s two children (kneeling)

Above is a photo of Sekyiwa’s and EDI’s two children (pictured on the bottom kneeling down), along with Set’s four other siblings- Tupac’s step-siblings, which are the children of his step-father/political activist, Mutulu Shakur.

And there ya’ have it ILOSM fam’…like we always say, we learn something new around here everyday.


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