Where They Been? R.Kelly’s Ex Group Public Announcement Resurfaces With Shai For Epic Comeback

Posted On : December 9, 2017
2017: R. Kelly’s former group members, Public Announcement

It’s been 27 years since many of us were vibin’ to R. Kelly & Public Announcement’s 1992 hit “She’s Got That Vibe.” Remember that? Everybody and their mommas were goin’ around singing “She’s got that viiiibe, viiibe, V-I-I-I-IIIBE! You got that viiiibe, viiibe,V-I-I-I-IIIBE!!!” Ever since then, we’ve watched R. Kelly go on to do his solo thing, earns millions, and acquire a few controversial allegations and incidents throughout the process. While his former group members kinda faded into an oblivion. That was until now…

Public Announcement has just resurfaced with another 90’s group, Shai, for a new tour, in which they’re gracing old school R&B fans, with some of their classic joints.

On Saturday, December 9, 2017, they joined forces, with groups The Remedy; and the Chicago based group, 3 Piece, to give fans a feeling of 90’s and early 2000’s nostalgia for their Gary, Indiana concert, “That’s My Jam!” Fans are more than excited to see them and here’s what the concert’s promoter had to say about their long awaited resurfacing:

Via Eurweb: “I’m excited about the headliner, which is the 90’s R&B group called Shai,” said Kimberly Williams, the concert’s promoter and former EUR columnist. “They were a very instrumental group when I was growing up. They were one of the main groups I remember listening to and falling in love with. They were my boyfriends and everybody else’s. So, I feel pretty honored to have an opportunity to present them in concert for the people who will be attending.” […] “Public Announcement actually was known as R. Kelly and Public Announcement,” said Williams. “When R. Kelly decided to go solo, they remained Public Announcement. I followed them then and I listen to them now. So, I feel good about having them (perform at the concert).”

With Shai’s hits, like “Comforter,” “If I Ever Fall In Love Again,” etc.; and Pubic Announcement’s classics, “Honey Love,” “She’s Got That Vibe,” and others, there are plenty more fans who feel exactly the way the show’s promoter does. It’s great to see these groups still doing their thing after so many decades.

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