While His Mom Was Jailed Bobby Brown Tells WHO Tried To Molest Him

Posted On : June 14, 2016

After Bobby Brown’s beloved mother, Carole Brown, was arrested, Bobby revealed who tried to molest him during a heartbreaking incident that’ll make any parent wanna kill somebody for messing with their child. Bobby B.’s been doing several interviews where he exposes very private facts about his life, as he promotes his new autobiography, “Every Little Step.” Check out the details Bobby gave this time…


bobby brown the view On "The View," Bobby was asked about the section in his book, where he described how he was almost molested by a Priest. The social services facility he was sent to after his Mom's arrest, was run by a catholic organization. Bobby said the Priest at the facility lured him into a room and proceeded to try to touch his "private" parts." It's a good thing 9/10 year old Bobby thought quick on his feet though, because he punched the Priest as hard as he could and that gave him enough time to run away as fast as he could. BUT SEE WHY BOBBY SAID HE DIDN'T TELL HIS MOM...

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