Who Knew Eddie Murphy Had Sons THIS Grown?!! Look At Them Now!

Posted On : February 22, 2017

fb eddie murphy2Eddie Murphy is known for his many accomplishments throughout his life – an incredible comedian, a well-respected actor, a film producer, a great director, and even a good singer and musician, but one thing he’s not widely known for is for being the father of nine, yes NINE kids!

Most of us know of his two daughters with his ex-wife, Nicole Murphy- Bria and Shayne -because they’ve been making a name for themselves in their own right as models, but many of us never knew that Eddie has GROWN men for sons! Time sure does fly!

Just in case you have never seen the rest of the kids, we’ve spotlighted Eddie’s multiple seeds in this article, but first, check out how grown his sons are…

via UKnowChris, Instagram
via UKnowChrissy, Instagram: Eric (27); Eddie Murphy; Myles (24); Christian (26)

These three men are Eddie’s not-so-mini-me’s. The Murphy sons range in age from 24 to 27. Pictured above are Eddie’s sons Myles Murphy; Christian Murphy; Christian’s mother Tamara Hood; and Eric Murphy. Each of them have different mothers, but they are all really close to each other and their Father and that’s a beautiful thing.

via UKnowChrissy, Instagram
via UKnowChrissy, Instagram

Now, just to clear up exactly who all of Eddie’s nine children are, below we’ve listed the details about all of them:

Eddie Murphy’s and Nicole Murphy’s children:

Eddie Murphy and then-wife, Nicole Murphy
  • Bria L. Murphy- 27 (born November 18, 1989)
  •  Myles – 24 (born November 7, 1992)
  • Shayne Audra Murphy- 22 (born October 10, 1994)
  • Zola Ivy Murphy- 17 (born December 24, 1999)
  • Bella Zahra Murphy- 15 (born January 29, 2002)

Eddie Murphy’s children from other relationships:

Throwback pic of Eddie with his children
  • Eric- 27  (born on July 10, 1989) His mother- Paulette McNeely
  • Christian- 26  (born on November 29, 1990) mother- Tamara Hood
  • Angel Iris Murphy Brown- 9 (born on April 3, 2007) Her mother- Melanie Brown a.k.a. “Spice B” of the group, The Spice Girls
  • Izzi Oona Murphy– 9 months (born May 3, 2016); Her mother- Paige Butcher

Whew! That was a lotta kids to keep up with, but did y’all get all of that ? Okay good. We’ll keep you posted if Eddie decides to make any more. That Murphy football team is a beast! Do your thang Eddie!


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