WHOA…Jagged Edge Singer Kyle Norman Has More Female DRAMA, Here’s The Latest

Posted On : October 26, 2016

Remember Jagged Edge singer Kyle Norman? For those who missed it, Kyle found himself at the center of controversy when reports surfaced about at the abuse he inflicted on his fiancee’.


Now, he’s dealing with more drama from another woman – his baby’s mama, Tabitha Dumas…

The Lawsuit:

According to Bossip, Tabitha sued Kyle earlier this year, demanding more child support for their son Kye, born in 1999. It has been reported that Kyle has been a no-show for most of the court appearances. So, he was ordered to pay $575.00 a month back in 2008 after the judge made a default judgment. The decision was based off his income of more than $6,000 a month.


However, Tabitha believes his income has increased since then and that he owes her more than $50,000 from 2008 until now. She’s revealed he’s $53,910 behind. A judge ordered a child support increase from $597.00 to $897.00 and he was also ordered to pay an additional $103.00 a month toward the back child support payments he owed but to no avail. Now, Tabitha is demanding that he be thrown in jail until he pays up.


The Latest Motion:

On Oct. 24, Tabitha filed a motion demanding that he pay the full back child support amount, which has increased to $55,397. The growing amount now includes an additional $5,175.00 for 2016 since Kyle reportedly has not made one payment this year. According to the motion, Tabitha wants Kyle held in DeKalb County Jail until he makes the full payment.


Laaaawd, if Kyle knows what’s best for him, he’ll try to make nice with his baby-momma quick and do everything he can to pay whatever he can, before she gets her wish and locks him up until he pays up! Jailing him won’t financially benefit any of them though because a non-working man can’t be a bill paying man at the same time, but it can sure teach his a$$ a lesson…a lesson that Kyle Norman hopefully will NOT have to learn the hard way.

-IloveOldSchoolMusic, old school news with a new point of view

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