WHOA! Was Mariah’s Billionaire Ex Really USING Her? See HER SIDE Of The Story

Posted On : November 21, 2016

It hasn’t been a month since Mariah Carey’s ex-fiance James Packer called off their engagement. Most of the news reports released about their breakup claimed Mariah was the reason for the split, but now, new reports have revealed a different perspective of the split.

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Was James To Blame?

According to TMZ, Mariah claims James is nothing more than a “lying opportunist” and he “used her” throughout the relationship. It has been reported that Mariah’s complaints about James have been detailed in her break-up settlement talks.

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For those who don’t know, Mariah wants a whopping $50 million settlement for the breakup. Mariah claims her ex used her name and status to expand his business and he often name-dropped “secure business deals,” reports the Daily Mail. An inside source shared details about her reaction to the shocking split.

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“The split has been devastating for Mariah. She loved James and was planning to marry him,” the source said. “She made life changes for this man to prepare for their future as husband and wife, even relocating to Los Angeles, at James’ request, so he could be closer to his children.

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“Everything she has done over the past year is to prove how fully committed she is to their life together. She really wanted this to work. And then, completely out of the blue, it imploded.”

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Will He Pay?

Although James allowed Mariah took her $10 million engagement ring, she still wants more. However, it doesn’t look like she’ll get what she’s asking for. Since they were never married, legally, he owes her nothing. Hopefully, Mariah gets over the breakup soon.

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