WHOA! Wendy Williams Makes Big Allegation About Tyrese’s Sexuality, Fans React!

Posted On : April 15, 2017

Wendy Williams never fails to push it to the limit when it comes to sharing her unsolicited opinion. However, this time she’s pushing a button that’s guaranteed to set a certain someone off. Apparently, Wendy Williams believes Tyrese is hiding something. Now, although many Black women are still pissed with Tyrese over his previous comments about weaves and manufactured beauty vs. his ‘Black Queen’ biracial wife, the jaw-dropping allegation Wendy just made now has everyone wondering if she’s gone a bit too far this time. *SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE NEW STATEMENTS BY TYRESE & WENDY*


Where The Tension Is Coming From?

In case you missed where the tension between the two is coming from: Wendy recently took offense to Tyrese’s statement seemingly aimed toward Black women (which he later said was not geared just toward Black women, but all women) and their desire for certain cosmetic enhancements (he specifically mentioned weaves and more), as opposed to embracing natural beauty, who rock “fake clip on’s” and allow their “weave tracks” to show, while walking around with a “#fake a$$” according to several reports.

fb tyrese and wendy williams and wife
Wendy; Tyrese and his “Black Queen” wife

After the singer/actor married his wife, he found himself at the center of controversy for referring to his biracial wife as a “Black Queen.” Shortly after, he wasted no time firing back, but took the moment as an opportunity to make critical statements about women who rock “fake clip on’s” and allow their “weave tracks” to show, while walking around with a “#fake a$$” according to several reports. Well now…he’s stated another opinion about women and Wendy ain’t tryna hear that. Check it out below…

Tyrese’s New Statement Caused Wendy To Make Foul Gay Claim

In a new interview, Tyrese slammed women he considers “sluts, skeezers, hoes, tramps, and overly aggressive promiscuous women.” Now, Wendy’s firing back yet again and she believes she knows why he’s made the statements – because he’s “gay.” Wendy’s words, not ours.

On a recent episode of The Wendy Williams Show, she voiced her opinion and took things to a whole new extreme. [In the video below, she talks about Tyrese at the 9:44 mark].

“Who made him the moral police? […] Tyrese, you never say anything bad about men. You’re always talking bad about women. Never anything bad about men,” Wendy then took a brief pause and said, “Well…he likes men.”


Wendy Dragged To Hell:

Although Tyrese sparked outrage with his comments, most people still believe Wendy took things too far. The far-fetched allegation was a bit of a reach, and many fans wasted no time dragging Wendy on social media. However, some fans found her insult comical.



Tyrese has yet to respond to Wendy’s comments, but it’s probably safe to say he’ll be firing back soon. By now, most fans know Tyrese doesn’t back down when it comes to insults. So, it’s probably just a matter of time before he goes on another rant and goes the hell OFF on Wendy Williams. Thoughts ILOSM fam?

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