Whoa! When You See K-Ci’s Now GROWN SON U’ll Think You’re Seeing Double!

Posted On : November 19, 2016

K-ci, of Jodeci, has three children as far as we know and the one you’re about to see will make you think you’re watching a throwback 1991 Jodeci video. His son is in his early 20s now and is pursuing entertainment dreams of his own. Check him out below…


kc-and-son Bam! Do you see the resemblance? Told y'all Devin looks like the "Forever My Lady" era K-Ci. screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-12-28-19-pm K-Ci and Devin didn't spend many years together and K-Ci admitted that he pretty much stopped contacting Devin and his mother (pictured below) when Devin was about 8 years old. But a couple years ago they reunited and it appears that they've been working on their relationship ever since. screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-12-29-56-pm Devin even performs with his dad and uncle, JoJo sometimes. Wait 'til you see them perform together though.>>

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