Wife Of Usher Sends Touching Message To Him On Their Anniversary Amid STD Scandal

Posted On : September 23, 2017

As several people continue their lawsuits against Usher in his current herpes scandal, there has been one woman who’s oftentimes been overlooked throughout this unfortunate situation- Usher’s wife/manager, Grace Miguel.

Usher and wife/manager, Grace Miguel

While two women and supposedly one unnamed dude continue to hope for a chance at a monetary legal win against Usher (38), Grace (48) has had to suffer in silence, so to speak. Clearly she’s had to deal with a certain amount of stress and humiliation because of the very public scandal her husband is in. However, ‘Mrs. Usher’ is not letting her husband’s herpes allegations completely steal their joy, which is evident in her recent wedding anniversary message she posted about Usher. They wed in September 2015 and to celebrate their 2-year anniversary, Grace (who goes by the name @enmemetemps on Instagram) posted two loving messages online.

Usher’s Wife Sends Loving Message To Him

In her first post, she vowed to always stand by her man’s side no matter what:

In her second anniversary post, she shared a happy photo of her and Usher, as she reminisced about the time he surprised her:

@enmemetemps: That time my husband surprised me on our anniversary to a day of soul cycle with @shapewithangela , The Chagall Show @lacma , Pranayama breathing, Kirtan Chanting and yummy Moroccan food. #Blessed

Wife’s Prior Posts Soon After Scandal Broke

In case you missed it, when news of the herpes allegations first surfaced, that Usher allegedly paid a woman a $1.1 million settlement for allegedly infecting her with herpes, both Usher and Grace were silent for a while. But a few days later, as we previously reported, Grace soon resurfaced on social media with subliminal messages that seemed to be a clue into how she was feeling at that time.

She posted an art piece of a woman covering her face as if she’s ashamed (understandably so) of the public embarrassment the scandal has caused her and their family. The top of the picture read: ‘I’m still working on my public face.’

Then she posted a love quote and her caption read:

@enmemetemps: Imagine if you took care of yourself The way you do a new love interest. If you listened to yourself with loving ears. Worked hard to solve your own problems with a great attitude. If you started every day saying something beautiful that you love about yourself. If you made sure that the best of everything was around you. Wanted to impress yourself with new adventures and exciting things to do. If you were determined to prove to yourself how amazing you are. If you were dating that person would you be looking for someone else? #HappyattractsHappy #Fillyourselfupwih❤️

Fast forward to now and Usher and Grace seem to be trying to live life as happily as they possibly given the circumstances.

It’s unclear if any of the allegations against Usher are true or not, but due to the accusers’ pending legal claims, it may just be a matter of time before that answer is made public.

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