Will Smith Just Earned A VERY Shady Accolade That He Probably HATES…

Posted On : December 7, 2016

Will Smith just earned himself a spot on the Forbes list, which typically is a good spot for entertainers to earn, because usually it’s about them being the highest grossing entertainer or something of that nature. But the accolade actor/rapper, Will, was just gifted with, is one that he probably would love nothing more than to delete his name from.


According to Daily Mail, Will earned the #2 spot on Forbes Most Overpaid Actors List for 2016. The first place holder is Johnny Depp. As you can see, that particular Forbes list is like a list of losers for the year, so that has to sting a lil’ bit.


The reason behind Will’s losing spot is because the biographical film, “Concussion,”  didn’t quite cut it at the box office. “Concussion” was nominated for an Oscar, but that still didn’t translate in profits. The ticket sales barely generated $34 million it actually cost to make.

Will Smith with Dr. Bennett Omalu
Will Smith with Dr. Bennett Omalu

Will Smith gets paid $20.5 million per movie and it’s reported that “Concussion” only raked in $5 for every $1 Will was paid. An epic fail financially, but still considered a win by many, in terms of the acting and storyline itself.

On the brighter side, Will’s leading role in this year’s “Suicide Squad,” helped the film stack up $700 million at the box office by the fifth week of it’s release. A BIG win!


So it’s like old saying goes- ‘You win some, you lose some’…and if there’s one thing that Will deserves respect on regarding his two recent films, it’s the fact that both of them required him to take risks and step outside of his usual comfort zone. “Concussion” was a stretch for Will to portray the Nigerian forensic pathologist, Dr. Bennett Omalu; and it was risky for him to try his hand at helping to bring a superhero type of film, like “Suicide Squad,” to life.


Will Smith is still a major box office draw hands down, so he’ll just have to redeem himself for this ‘overpaid actor’ title on the upcoming sequel, “Bad Boys For Life” in 2018.

Check out the rest of the celebrities who joined Will on Forbes ‘Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Actors’ 2016 list:

Image via Daily Mail
Image via Daily Mail

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