Woah! Brandy At War w/Record Label, See Why They Called Her Irrelevant

Posted On : July 22, 2016

After Brandy publicly blasted her record label, Chameleon Records, earlier this week, claiming they had her in a “slave contract,” the label had no problem returning fire on her with their own public claims about her. She’s been trying to break free from the label she’s ben signed to since 2011, but apparently they’re not trying to hear that and now this is how they responded to her…


brandy and label4 After hearing what Chameleon said about Brandy the other day, Brandy's rep responded:

If Chameleon believes its own statement, it should have no issue letting her go. The rep said, "Release her from the contract."
HERE'S WHY BRANDY'S SUING THE LABEL FOR A SECOND TIME Brandy has been signed to Chameleon since 2011 and she has just filed her second lawsuit against them (the first one was filed in March in L.A.) in New York. She says her contract is like a slave contract because they haven't provided her the hundreds of thousands of dollars in production costs they'd promised and are now trying to block her from releasing new music, further jeopardizing her career. She wasn't out and she wants out now, but not without them paying her the money they owe. Source
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