Woah! Glenn Plummer Reveals Why He Was About To ‘Kick Sean Penn’s A$$’

Posted On : November 6, 2016

Remember the 1988 movie, “Colors?” That’s like a cult classic now and it brings back some great memories of going to the movie theaters and having a blast back in the day. But for actor, Glenn Plummer, those memories aren’t quite chuckle material…it’s more like “I wish a MF’er would’ type of memory for him…see he detailed about this…


Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 5.53.47 PM See what Glenn revealed about how the on-screen beef between "High Top" (Glenn), "Pac-Man" (Sean Penn), "Hodges" (Robert Duvall and others in the movie, translated to real life beef behind the scenes. The 'ish' got REAL!>>>

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