Woah! R.Kelly Got FREAKY w/Fan At Concert & Things Escalated…QUICKLY!

Posted On : October 18, 2016

There are three factors that make a concert off the chain:

  1. Great performer- That’s the most vital factor obviously.
  2. Great sound quality- If we can’t hear a perfect mix of the artists AND the music, then the whole show is just jacked up.
  3. Lastly, crowd participation- A well engage audience always gives the show that extra boost of energy.


Those three components brings us to the topic of R. Kelly, where number 3 on our list, crowd participation, is most applicable to what you’re about to see.

So what’s the difference between a male strip show and an R&B concert, you ask? Based on R. Kelly’s recent show, not too much. Dude was entertaining the hell outta his female fans with a wipe me down session that escalated really fast.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-9-48-09-amWe’ll give y’all a play by play commentary on this one:
Kellz gives female fan on the front row, a towel to ever so innocently dap a few beads of sweat off of his forehead for him.


Then that dabbing of the forehead turned into an obey and command freak session right there in front of our eyes and the fan LOVED it. Kellz then told her to “Wipe my nose,” which seems pretty innocent too, right? I mean, we all get a sweaty nose sometimes I guess. But then Kelly told her to dry his beard off for him, and then he stuck his tongue out and she proceeded to wipe his tongue…several times. And then…


Afterwards, the fan took it upon herself to let her hand find it’s way to Kelly’s other body parts and Kellz, in turn, willingly complied and commanded more of the same from her. Crowd went wild and video clip lands on Instagram…


One IG user was apparently surprised that Kellz oftentimes gets a lil’ freaky at his concerts, when he┬áposted the video with the caption: “If ya momma or grandma going to a #rkelly show.. this what she in the crowd doing Breh…”


If ya momma or grandma going to a #rkelly show.. this what she in the crowd doing Breh…

A video posted by DJ Akademiks (@akademikstv) on

Overall though, who doesn’t love a lil’ crowd participation at a concert every now and then? The fellas probably weren’t necessarily feeling Kellz’ crowd participation moment, but those same men also probably didn’t complain when Janet Jackson got her freak on a few years ago when she did this to her male fan…

I just hope the female fan who had her way with Kelly’s body parts, does NOT have a man at home reading this, ’cause if she does, then he just found out what his woman really meant when she came home after going to the concert with her girls and simply told him “The R. Kelly concert was just aiight.” She might have some explaining to do, just sayin’…LOL.


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