You Won’t Believe What Famous Comedian Faizon Love Just ‘Outed’ as Gay

Posted On : August 27, 2016

So Faizon Love was doing a very entertaining interview with Tom Joyner and things quickly changed! He’s making a pretty bold claim about fellow comedian, Katt Williams, saying the comedian is acting out to mask the fact that he is a gay man.

According to BET, during a sit-down interview with Tom Joyner, the Real Husbands of Hollywood star said he feels like Katt is not living his truth.

“I actually feel sorry for him sometimes,” he said. “Like I said before, he’s not living his true destiny. He’s living this fake gangster [life]. He got this whole persona from a friend of mine named Mac Minister. He’s a real pimp who tried to do comedy.”

Faizon explained that Katt’s violent outbursts as of late are a result of him trying to mask who he really is.

“I think these burst outs [sic] come from when a gay man doesn’t want to just be gay,” he said. ” He’s beating these women up. He knows his boundaries… In Hollywood, you can play those games.”

When a stunned Joyner asked the comedian, “Did you just say Katt Williams is gay?,” he responded confidently: “Yes. It’s not an accusation. You guys see it but you don’t want to see it. It’s like with ‘Woo, woo, woo’ [alluding to Luther Vandross].”

Take a look at the interview below [beginning at the 1:00 minute mark].

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