You Won’t Believe Why Prince Kicked Alexander O’Neal Out Of The Time

Posted On : October 1, 2014

Alexander O'Neal - 2008 Alex Loves

Back when Alexander O’Neal was the lead singer for The Time (formerly called Flyte Time), he said he was kicked to the curb because he was too dark…literally, and he didn’t appreciate the way Prince handled the situation either. He went into detail about the situation via Blues And Soul:

“Flyte Tyme was a wonderful band, and I felt we were on our way to getting a national deal. You know, I’d been picked to be the lead singer in a group owned by Prince; we’d started recording at Prince’s house… But then I got kicked out the band before I got kicked IN! Some people said it was because I was too black in skin pigmentation.

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But I still think it was because I was opinionated. I’d started showing I could think and started asking questions about the financial arrangements. But, you know, to be kicked out was heart-breaking. And the main thing I couldn’t respect about it was that Prince hadn’t been man enough to tell me. Because, all of a sudden, Flyte Tyme started rehearsing behind my back so they could…

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