Wow, Here’s What Many Don’t Know About Al Jarreau’s ACTRESS WIFE of 40 Yrs

Posted On : February 12, 2017

The late Al Jarreau, who sadly passed away earlier today (2-12-17), did so peacefully with his family by his side. His wife of 40 years, Susan, did would she’d been doing for Al ever since they met at his show in 1976- she was his comforter and as Al once describer her, his “saving grace” as he made his peaceful transition in his hospital bed. We realized that there are some interesting facts about his wife, that until now, were widely unknown…


Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 9.04.41 PM
Al Jarreau met his wife in 1976 at Bla Bla Café in Studio City, L.A., Cali. He was performing there that night and by that time, Susan had already begun building a name for herself in entertainment. But there was something incredible that she’d boldly done which ultimately helped change laws…

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