Wow..Charlie Murphy Paid Great Tribute To His Pro-Boxer Nephew In his Last Days

Posted On : April 15, 2017

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Brandyn first graduated from Northern Arizona University with a B.A. in Public Relations and Advertising. But his calling is boxing and his uncles, Charlie and Eddie; and his father, Vernon were/are beyond proud and supportive of his boxing career.

He goes by the name of Brandyn ‘Bad News’ Lynch, he just turned pro’ in late 2016, and word on the Old School curb is that he’s been cuttin’ up in the ring! And get this…his Pops, Vernon Lynch Jr., is his trainer! To know why that’s impressive news, you’d have to know Vernon’s background

Charlie Murphy’s Last Instagram Posts About Nephew

Below are the very last posts Charlie posted to Instagram, with the latest one dated, March 15, 2017:

So proud of nephew Brandyn "Bad News" Lynch on his boxing career! #Repost @brandynlynch_ ・・・ Sometimes people are afraid to take the necessary risks to change their lives. Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) can steal your success. For those of you living in fear, remember with no risk comes no reward. This boxing thing is one risk that I'm glad I took 3+ years ago and I have full confidence that my talent will be displayed on a championship level one day. I come from a family of big dreamers @eddiemurphymusic, big achievers @therealcharliemurphy and extremely hard workers @coachvernonlynch. God willing my hard work, dedication, and desire will make my dreams a reality. 🎥: #dedication #naualumni #naustrong #gojacks #weready #boxing #boxingislife #golds #goals #wartime #training #preperation #upnext #godfamilyboxing #comingforitall #bloodline #warriorspirit #eddiemurphy #charliemurphy #family #uncles #lynchmob #badnews

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Watch my nephew Brandyn "Bad News" Lynch's professional boxing debut highlights! Like and follow him on FB: BrandynBadNewsLynch & Twitter too @brandynlynch_ #family #DARKNESS #BadNews @panteritapromotions

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Follow my nephew and rising boxing star @BrandynLynch_ aka #BadNews!

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It must make Brandyn feel proud to know that he gave his uncle Charlie some fulfillment in the final stage of his life.

Brandon has been making a name for himself without leaning on his family’s name. That seems to have been an intentional act on his part and we respect him for that. It also helps that his last name is Lynch and not Murphy. His Dad’s last name is different from his uncles’ because Vernon Jr., Eddie, and Charlie they share the same Mother, but different Father. Vernon Jr. is named after the man whom Eddie has stated he viewed as his second father, Vernon Lynch Sr.. Vernon Sr. was their mother, Lillian’s, second/last husband and he began raising Eddie and Charlie from at much younger ages, well before Vernon Jr. was born.

We wish much success to Brandyn ‘Bad News’ Lynch with his boxing career. He has an even greater force behind him now- the energy of his uncle’s beautiful legacy and spirit motivating him to keep pushing forward. Rest on Charlie Murphy.
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