Wow, Its Been THAT Long? See Shanice & Flex’s Touching Anniversary Messages

Posted On : February 20, 2017

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Remember singer, Shanice Wilson? She’s the R&B songbird with the voice like butter, who had us belting out “I Love Your Smile” at the top of our lungs back in the day. [*singing* “Do, do, do, do, doo, do-do-doo….”C’mon now don’t get me started!]

Shanice’s husband/comedian, Flex Alexander, is best known for his prior sitcom, One on One, and now for he and Shanice’s OWN network reality show, Flex and Shanice.
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Flex and Shanice and Shanice have managed to do what many celebrity couples unfortunately cannot-  they’ve been happily married for 17 years now and also have two wonderful children, Imani and Elijah, as well. They wed on Valentines Day 2000 and today (2-20-17) they posted these messages on Instagram and their fans have been sending them congrats and happy notes ever since:


Happy 17 year anniversary to my chocolate covered Sundae @flexaforeal Wow we’ve been through thick and thin and we’re still standing strong Lol… Thank you for your unconditional love… Thank you for our two beautiful children ❤ I love you to the moon and back… May God bless us to have many many more years of marriage ❤

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Happy anniversary @shaniceonline thank you for my two boo boo’s, 17 years have gone by in the blink of an eye, there have been tough times and good times. Thank you for your spirit and I truly appreciate you accepting my FARTS😂😂 love you niccuh oh and since you like to turn up that’s why I picked this song😂😂

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And who said Black love doesn’t last?!! That wasn’t true for “James and Florida Evans”…
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And it definitely ain’t true for Shanice and Flex Alexander neither!
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It’s a beautiful thing to see how far they’ve come They’ve endured some great struggles during their marriage, but their unconditional love for each other and for their children continues to pull them through. Wishing them many, many more wedding anniversaries to come!

And this is very random, but because “Keep Your Inner Child Alive,” is one of our all time favorite Shanice songs, here at ILOSM, we’ll close this article out with this. Sing Shanice!…

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