Wow! See What Jill Scott Said About No Longer Defending Bill Cosby

Posted On : July 7, 2015
Jill Scott via Twitter

Jill Scott is not longer supporting Bill Cosby as a previously sealed deposition was released yesterday. If you remember, back in November, Jill Scott was under attack for supporting Bill Cosby, as she constantly tweeted her support of Bill Cosby despite the numerous sexual-assault allegations against the him. In the coming days, weeks and months, we’re sure you’ll see more statements like this. Folks who supported Bill, or either were silent about these allegations, will come forward and express their own views. That’s ok, back in November, Jill seemed optimistic, and optimism is said to be the lack of information. So we think it’s important to continue to read, keep the magnifying glass handy, and develop your views and opinions based on the truth.

There are lots of sources of information out there, but in the end it’s the truth that matters. At I Love Old School Music, we seek the truth in the hopes that sharing information, will encourage thought, conversation, and welcome the lessons learned from these stories in our own lives.

On yesterday, Monday (July 6), I Love Old School Music reported that Cosby admitted under oath in 2005 that he gave women drugs with the intention of having sex with them. Now, Scott’s tweets have a new message. She wrote that she is “required” to believe all accusations against Cosby because his testimony proves them true.





Jill Scott originally supported Bill Cosby back in November. One Jill’s Twitter followers asked her if she would petition Temple University to sever all ties with Bill Cosby and here’s what Jill said:

oh ok. So they've proven the alleged allegations? I didn't know. Will they also be giving him back the millions he's donated?
Jill Scott: So they’ve proven the alleged allegations? I didn’t know. Will they also be giving him back the millions he’s donated?

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