Wow! “Ronnie” Reveals Truth Behind Fight Scene With Lisa Raye!

Posted On : January 18, 2016


I Love Old School Music spoke exclusively to Chrystale Wilson, best known for her role of “Ronnie” on the hood classic film, The Player’s Club. This is part 1 of the interview where Chrystale spoke about her work on the film and the truth behind the fight scene with Lisa Raye’s character, Diamond. Little did we know, but that fight scene was very intense, and so was the tension between the two of them while filming.

Check out what Chrystale said about being casted for the role and the tension between her and Lisa Raye.

Chrystale Wilson, as “Ronnie” in The Player’s Club

What was it working with Lisa Raye?
We were both young, and we were both stallions out the gate. And what’s funny is that before we both knew for sure that we got that part, she and I totally got along. I just really would go to bat for her, and thought that we would be great friends. When we both got casted and got the part, things were a little different because of her being the star, it was just challenges. A lot of things happened that didn’t need to happen.

Do you think Lisa Raye was intimidated by you back then?
You know looking back I can probably say that, but being young I couldn’t really see that. I was more concerned about doing a great job, and I’ve just the type of person that when people give me an opportunity, the last thing I want to do is let them down. I’ll work myself to pure exhaustion before someone can say, well damn I’m disappointed. So I couldn’t even get caught up in whatever she was going thru. I was just focused on killing it for the fact that Ice Cube took a chance on me, went to bat for me. I admired Ice Cube so much, that I didn’t get caught up with it.

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