Wow, U Will NOT Believe What Oran Juice Jones DEADLY Job Was Before Music

Posted On : December 4, 2015

fb oran juice jones Oran Juice Jones is one of the coolest cats to have ever laid his stamp on the music game. Before Drake was ever able to merge the lanes between R&B and hip hop, there was Oran Juice Jones, who was the very first R&B artist signed to Def Jam Records back in the day when it wasn’t yet considered cool to blend singers with rappers. Now before we go any further, let’s just get the urge to recite a part of Jones’ classic 80’s joint out of the way…sing it with me now:

“I saw you [and him] walking in the rain, you were holding hands and I’ll never be the same…You know my first impulse was to run up on you, and do a Rambo…I was about to jam you and flat blast both of you. But I didn’t wanna mess up this thirty-seven hundred dollar lynx coat.”
Alright, now that our pimp moment is over, let’s get back to the topic at hand. Before Oran Juice became THE Oran Juice Jones that we all know- the Oran Juice who inspired artists like Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z- he had a completely different occupation. In fact, his job was so far to the left in comparison to who we know him to be now, that we would have never called it a million years! Let’s just say that nobody better not ever think about messing with him, or his people, because he is highly trained and knows how to take a person out.

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