WTH? Rick James Impersonators Get Serious Prison Time After Crazy Crime Spree

Posted On : May 18, 2017

ILOSM fam’ we couldn’t make this stuff up even if we tried, I tell ya. Although the late, great Rick James has been gone from this earth since 2004, there are still millions of fans keeping his legacy alive. That brings us to these three odd cats who honored…or rather, tainted Rick James’ name in their own unique way.

Rick James (Photo by Mark Weiss/WireImage)
Rick James (Photo by Mark Weiss/WireImage)

Duprece Jett, 38, Damion McKissick, 38, and Earl Lee Walker, 38, thought it’d be a good idea to rock Rick James styled wigs and attire to pull off a Set It Off movie styled heist on three financial business in Indianapolis and Avon, Indiana- one check cashing business and two credit union locations. They reportedly were planning a bank robbery as well, but were only able to pull it off before getting caught.

After surveillance footage of the robbers surfaced, they were busted. As the footage circulated throughout the news media of the gun totin,’ beaded braids bandits, they were officially dubbed the ‘Rick James robbers.’ This went down in 2015, but it wasn’t until Monday (May 15, 2017) that the Rick James trio learned their fate. Not sure if the wigs and guns were all worth it for ’em…especially after seeing their punishment…

Two of the three 'Rick James robbers'
Two of the three ‘Rick James robbers’

Their Sentences

Via CBS4 Indy: In December of 2015, they were apprehended following a robbery attempt at an IMCU [Indiana Members Credit Union ] in Carmel [IN] that led to a dangerous high-speed chase. All three were found guilty of conspiracy to commit robbery and attempted bank robbery in U.S. District Court.

Walker was sentenced to six years in prison. He will also pay $4,167.23 in restitution. Following his release, he will be supervised for three years. Jett will serve a total of 24.4 years, pay restitution and have a three-year supervised release. McKissick will serve 24.4 years in prison and pay $137,427.03 in restitution. He will also have three years of supervised release.

“The reign of terror for these three men is over,” said U.S. Attorney Josh Minkler after the men were convicted. “Those who put our citizens in harm’s way and disrupt commerce in Central Indiana will be held accountable.”

The robbery game is a ‘cold blooded’ one…robbers rarely win in the end. Guess that’s a lesson the ‘Rick James robbers’ had to learn the hard way. SMH.

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