Years After Angrily Exposing Ex-Actress Garcelle Beauvais Shows Their Happy Twins

Posted On : October 4, 2017

Remember actress, Garcelle Beauvais, from The Jamie Foxx Show? Well, years later the Haitian-American mode-turned actress became known as the actress who put her then husband, Mike Nilon, on public blast for cheating on her.

“The Jaimee Foxx Show” –
Garcelle Beauvais and her then co-star, Jamie Foxx

Recap Of Why She Blasted Ex

Many of y’all may recall when Garcelle became the talk of the media in 2010, after she exposed the hell outta her husband, Mike. She sent an email to his Creative Arts Agency co-workers (which was later leaked to the press), informing them that she’d just caught him cheating. Her email subject line read, “Tiger Woods/Jesse James/Mike Nilon,” and her email was even more gritty:

Garcelle with her then husband, Mike Nolan

“What do they have in common…I found out today that MY husband of almost 9 yrs has been having an affair for 5 yrs with some slut in Chicago. I am devastated!!!! And I have been duped!! Our boys don’t deserve this!”

Their Twin Sons Then

At that time their twins, Jaid and Jax, were still toddlers and looked like this…

Throwback photo of Beauvais and Nilon with their kids during happier times

Garcelle’s Regrets About Exposing Husband?

Although Garcelle gave her husband the boot by divorcing him in 2011, by 2015 she confessed on Oprah’s Where Are They Now that she regrets her ‘woman scorned’ outburst:

“When I’d actually looked and realized that it’d been leaked I was sobbing. Sobbing. It’s embarrassing but at the same time you’re in pain. It was another part of the devastation, honestly. I went to therapy. I got a life coach. I did all the things that they say you should do because I didn’t want my adult drama to effect my kids. I couldn’t have moved on and been a good parent and co-parent with him if I didn’t do those things. We’re doing the best we can for those boys. They deserve it.”

Their Twin Sons Now

2017, Garcelle Beauvais and 9 year old twin sons now

As of today, their twin boys are 9 years old and are growing into cool lil’ men, under the guidance of their co-parenting parents. Jax and Jaid look very happy and hopefully Beauvais’ and Nilon’s efforts to peacefully co-parent have allowed their boys to be unaffected by their parents’ past drama.

( swipe) When @iamjamiefoxx invites to his house for a #legoninjagomovie bash we show up #friendssupportfriends

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Garcelle Beauvais’ Other Child

Feels good to give back @losangelesmission #skidrowartparty #saturday #oliver

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Garcelle Beauvais also has a 26 year old son, Oliver Saunders, from her prior marriage to producer, Daniel Saunders. See pics of them and more of her twins below…

Garcelle’s eldest child, Oliver Saunders

Throwback pic of Garcelle with first husband, Daniel Saunders, and their son, Oliver…

Garcelle and twins gettin’ their modeling on…

Thx for including us @people #summerfun #mommylife #jaxandjaid

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Big brother and twin brothers…

Giving back to hurricane victims…

By the way, big ups to the cast and crew of The Jamie Foxx Show on their 21st anniversary…

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