You Won’t Believe How Mya Reacted When A Fan Got REAL Explicit With Her!

Posted On : December 20, 2015

fb mya2 R&B singer, Mya, recently revealed the wildest thing that a fan has ever done to her within her 17 year career and all I can say is that this fan picked the right celebrity to mess with, because if it would have been somebody like Patti LaBelle, who just recently called a crazy fan a “bi*ch” for trying to moon her on stage, it would have been a whole ‘nother story! If a crazed fan can make Patti lose her religion, they can make anybody lose it…except Mya. Here’s what Mya told MadameNoire:

“So this dude at a train station one day came up to me and he ended up pulling out his private parts and I said ‘Okay I’m gonna pray for you. All you need is Jesus. Oh you want…you want my number? Okay, it’s 1-800-etc., etc.’ But we elaborated and kicked it for a minute after that…and I was praying right there in the train station with him and I said ‘You know, you need to save that for somebody special you know…don’t give yourself away like that you know, you need to get to know somebody. Either way I had a conversation with him, after he…disrespected me. I didn’t do all this hollering, I was just like ‘Who are you? Do you know who you are?’ I was very positive with him, you know. ‘Cause there’s something going on with people that do crazy stuff.”

Watch Mya talk about this crazy fan character and also why she disappeared from the music industry briefly below…

I gotta give it up for Mya trying to rationalize with a dude who was missing a marble or two. She is definitely a special woman, because I can’t say that I know many women who- nah, let me re-phrase that- I don’t know ANY women who would be willing to pray with a crazy dude who had just ran up on them on the street with their business all out like that.

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