Zoe Saldana Fires Back On Dark Skin Role, “Nobody Knew Who The [F**k] She Was”

Posted On : June 19, 2016

The Nina Simone biopic has drawn criticism from the African American community for quite an interesting reason- the color of the star’s skin. For those who don’t know, Avatar actress Zoe Saldana was cast to play the role of Nina Simone, but despite her relatively impressive acting abilities, she’s been criticized and slammed for the role.

She Darkened Her Skin

zoe-saldana-nina-simone-1 Apparently, the strikingly beautiful, fare-skinned actress looks nothing like the dark-skinned, Afro-centric singer and people are outraged about the drastic changes Zoe underwent to resemble Nina. According to Deadline, Zoe " wore a prosthetic nose and makeup to darken her skin for the film" which only angered fans even more. Most people have argued that there were many other highly capable actresses who could have played the role without any changes to their physical appearance.

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But, despite the personal jabs, she actually has an optimistic perspective of the criticism about the film. She’s glad people are even talking about the film because Nina Simone’s story is one that the world should know about.


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