Bill Cosby Sued For Alleged 1960s Sexual Assault, His Team Speaks Out Against Accuser

Posted On : June 1, 2023
Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby has mostly been layin’ low ever since becoming a free man again in 2022, following the reversal of his prior sexual assault conviction. However, fast forward to now, and he’s being called out in another sexual assault lawsuit that was apparently recently filed against him.

Former Playboy model, Victoria Valentino, has made some serious claims about the former TV Dad in her lawsuit, which is said to stem from a 1969 incident.

Accuser’s Claims Against Cosby In New Lawsuit

Bill Cosby’s accuser, former Playboy model Victoria Valentino

In her court filing, Valentino claims she initially met Cosby ‘in his studio trailer,’ following an audition, and that she’d informed him of the then-recent death of her 6-year-old son. She then alleges that she and Cosby crossed paths again a year later at a restaurant where she says she was crying at the dinner table as she sat with her female friend.

According to Valentino, Cosby offered to treat she and her friend to a spa day treatment after dinner, to which they accepted, but she says that’s when everything went downhill from there.

In her lawsuit, Valentino claims that while they were still at the restaurant Cosby offered she and her friend pills to ‘make them feel better,’ and that he supposedly ‘pretended’ to take one of the pills as well. She says shortly after taking the pills, she ‘struggled to stay awake, and that Cosby then offered them a ride home, but instead drove them to his place, allegedly.

Cosby’s accuser, Victoria Valentino

Here’s what Valentino says transpired once they’d all arrived at Cosby’s destination:

Via TMZ: [Victoria] Valentino says her friend passed out on a couch in Cosby’s office and she sat down on another couch and closed her eyes … and when she opened them she saw Cosby sitting next to her friend, staring with a “predatory intensity” and an erection.

In the docs, [Valentino] says she tried to turn Cosby’s attention away from her friend and he walked over to her. She says she tried to stand up but her legs wobbled and buckled. She says Cosby sat down next to her, unzipped his pants and forced his penis in her mouth. She says he then stood her up, turned her around and forced his penis into her vagina.

In her lawsuit against Cosby, Valentino also claims that she was unable to consent to sexual activity due to being drugged and physically helpless. Additionally, she cites Cosby’s admission to using quaaludes on young women as evidence of his predatory behavior. Valentino is seeking damages for the emotional and financial harm she has suffered as a result of Cosby’s actions.

Cosby’s Team Calls Out Accuser And Her Allegations

Bill Cosby walking with his spokesperson, Andrew Wyatt (pictured far left)

In response to Victoria’s lawsuit, Cosby’s rep, Andrew Wyatt, has responded on behalf of Cosby, with their stance on this matter:

“Media needs to vet Victoria Valentino cautiously and carefully — because she has changed her alleged accounts of sexual abuse at the hands of Mr. Cosby over 10 to 15 times.”

It goes on … “It’s unfortunate that the statute of limitations were put in The Constitution to protect victims and those who are accused — and it seems that our political figures are caving to being click baiters and accumulating likes as opposed to vetting these allegations made by alleged accusers and moving swiftly to create these look back windows — which are only being created because they incorporate Bill Cosby’s name. This is bigger than Bill Cosby. This is a target against every black successful man in America like Lebron James, Will Smith and President Obama.”

Guess we’ll all have to sit back and see how this plays out. Thoughts ILOSM fam?’