Comedian Joe Torry Resurfaces & Goes Off About Cosby’s Sentence With His Own Theory

Posted On : October 1, 2018

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Remember comedian/actor, Joe Torry? Well, if not this might ring a bell- as far as he’s concerned, ain’t a damn thing “poetic” about the “justice” his idol, Bill Cosby, has just received. Okay…that was a lil’ corny, but if you don’t get that, you’re probably a tad bit too new school to be classified as an official old schooler. But you’re still welcome, here at ILOSM, and Google should become your new best friend.

Anywho, back to Joe. You may recall when he was the talk of the Internet after he was one of the few celebs to accompany Cosby to one of his 2017 trial dates. That was during Cosby’s first sexual assault trial in the case of his accuser, Andrea Constand.

After their 2018 re-trial, Cosby was sentenced to three to 10 years in a Pennsylvania prison on three counts aggravated indecent assault against Constand. Ever since his sentencing, many fans have pretty much been split down the middle, regarding whether, or not, the 81-year-old’s sentence was ‘too harsh.’

Joe Torry Speaks On Cosby’s Sentencing:

Joe Torry is making it clear which side of the fence he’s on with this though. In an impromptu interview with TMZ, Joe blasted the judicial system for Cosby’s sentencing.
“It’s rotten…”

Joe Torry: “I think the outcome is rotten. I think he (Cosby) got a bad deal. It’s crazy how we could do it to one of the greatest…American heroes that has done a lot for the community.”

Torry then referenced what many have- that 14 years later, Andrea Constand pressed charges against Cosby over what she says happened during one of her visits to his home in 2004, which Cosby claims was consensual sexual contact between them:

“And for something like this, it seems like it’s gon’ be the fall of a lot of people from 100 years ago,” Torry joked.

Torry- ‘She set him up…after she got paid’
Joe Torry was then asked if he feels that the accuser deserves for Cosby to get some type of punishment for the allegations. Joe felt for the other accusers, but not Constand. He based his views on what he saw first hand and also referenced the prior legal case/financial settlement between Cosby and Constand years ago; as well as the hung jury verdict from their 2017 trial, in which the jurors later stated that Constand’s details kept changing:

“I only went to one trial [courtroom session]. So, the trial that I saw…and the stuff that he had already went to trial for and paid for, it’s like he’s being retried for something that they had already kicked out…you know. It’s like refried beans – you’ve refried them, and you refry them, and you refry them, and now, you get somebody that say, ‘They’re good.'”

“All the victims that say they were affected, my heart goes out to them. But I only can respond on that particular trial and that woman, and what she was awarded. I think it’s unfair because she was already awarded.”

Torry then accused Andrea Constand of being part of a bigger plot to “set up” Cosby:

“I think it’s unfair to convict somebody that you’ve probably set up and that you’ve already settled with. And then to come back later in life and want more settlement, I mean, its ridiculous.”

When asked what affect the sentencing will have on Cosby’s legacy, Joe replied:

“Nothing…nothing…nothing…I mean, he’s Bill Cosby.”

Thoughts ILOSM fam?’