Comics Joe Torry &Lewis Dix Explain Why They Supported Cosby At Thursday’s Trial

Posted On : June 8, 2017

Bill Cosby has had a consistent lineup of unlikely celebrities who have shown up to the Pennsylvania courthouse with him as he faces extensive charges that risk landing him in jail for several years.
¬†On the first day of his sexual assault trial (Monday, June 5, 2017), it was his Cosby Show “daughter,” Kesha Knight Pulliam, who escorted her former TV pops to the Pennsylvania courthouse. Then, as we recently reported, it was Super Fly film legend/Cosby’s former California Suite co-star, Sheila Frazier (along with her husband), who was walking arm-in-arm with Cosby into the courtroom on Wednesday (June 7th).

As of today, Thursday June 8th, two unexpected comedians, Joe Torry and Lewis Dix Jr., showed up to support Bill Cosby, a man they’ve admired for his comedic talents their entire careers. *Scroll down to see video of their statements*

Cosby being escorted into courtroom by fellow comedians, Joe Torry and Lewis Dix Jr. and his legal team

It was reportedly a pretty grueling day of trial proceedings, where both Cosby and his accuser’s (Andrea Constand) mother, Gianna Constand, testified. Immediately following the end of Thursday’s court session, Joe and Lewis walked out with Cosby and his legal team. They stopped briefly by reporters- who were gathered outside of the courtroom- to explain why they were there with Cosby…

Both Joe Torry and Lewis Dix, Jr. basically said that they have known Cosby for many years and were there to show support and also hear the truth first hand in court. Cosby and his attorney stood next to them and listened in silence, but the only time it got a lil’ weird was when a reporter asked Joe Torry if he felt Cosby was innocent. That’s when Cosby cut the convo’ short and seemed to want to avoid placing Joe and Lewis in a tense, awkward situation.

One of the reporters who were present outside the courthouse, posted the video of Torry’s and Dix’s statements below…

Earlier Thursday morning, Joe also posted a message to Facebook that appeared to be in reference to what he was trying to offer Cosby…

This is shaping up to be a pretty interestingly surprising display of support for Cosby. And in case you’re wondering where his family has been, as of now, his wife, Camille, still hasn’t shown up to court and neither have his children. However, Cosby’s daughters spoke out recently in full support of their father and in a recent interview, Bill Cosby stated that Camille has been nothing but wonderful in her display of support for him. We’ll keep y’all posted on this.