Cosby Accuser Arrested Under Weird Circumstances That May Help Cosby’s Case

Posted On : July 28, 2017
Bill Cosby

One of Bill Cosby’s accusers has just gotten herself into a world of trouble with the law…trouble that Cosby’s legal team may be able to use against her for her pending case against him.

Chloe Goins is her name and in 2015, when many women were surfacing at once with claims that Cosby had sexually assaulted them years ago, she was a part of that revolt. Chloe is a model who filed a police report with the LAPD nearly 7 years after she claims he’d given her a drink at a Playboy Mansion party in 2008 when she was 18 years old. She said after consuming the beverage, the next thing she remembered was waking up naked in a room, as Cosby sucked her toes and masturbated. Those are claims Cosby adamantly denied and says he has “proof” that they never happened.

Fast forward to today and Chloe Goins is currently locked up in a San Diego, Cali jail. See what has now transpired below…

Cosby accuser, Chloe Goins

Via TMZ: Bill Cosby accuser Chloe Goins…was arrested on two felonies, and the lead-up to the bust is bizarre … TMZ has learned. The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office tells TMZ … Chloe was arrested Sunday [7-23-17] on suspicion of two felony counts — possession of a controlled substance in prison and bringing alcohol into a prison — after cops found her sitting in her car just before midnight in the parking lot of the George F. Bailey Detention Facility.

Cops tell TMZ Goins was found with a substance suspected to be heroin but it’s unclear what she was doing at the facility. We’re told she was taken into custody without incident. She remains in jail with bail set at $25k. Chloe’s attorney tells TMZ … “Our primary concern at this time is for Ms. Goins’ well-being, not media or press attention. I’d like to remind the public that an arrest is not a conviction, nor is it evidence or admission of guilt.”

2015: Chloe on “Dr. Phil” talk show discussing her Cosby allegations.

Her recent arrest for drugs could help Cosby’s defense team in court, if her pending case against him, gets that far. Her heroin arrest could be used as character defects and/or self drugging activity if nothing more.

In addition to that, Cosby appears to have strong evidence that he did not sexually assault Chloe in 2008 and was not even present at the party where she said the assault took place:

Via TMZ: Bill Cosby has PROOF he was not even at the Playboy Mansion the night one of his accusers claims he sexually assaulted her … so says Cosby’s lawyer. Legal pit bull Marty Singer tells TMZ … on the date in question — August 9, 2008 — he has flight and telephone records that clearly place Cosby in New York City … 2,500 miles from the Mansion. Singer says Cosby’s team will be “providing documentary evidence to the appropriate authorities which conclusively establishes Mr. Cosby’s whereabouts on August 9th.” […] The August 9th party was extensively covered by the media, and photos were published of the various celebs in attendance, including Paris Hilton, Matthew Perry, Jim Belushi, Jason Statham and Bill Maher. There are no pics or mention of Cosby.

Another problem for Chloe Goins’ case against Cosby faces, is that she filed her police report with the LAPD in 2015, a little over 6 years after she alleges the incident happened. However, in L.A. there’s a 6 year stature of limitation for all sex assaults, except rape. The statue for rape claims is 10 years, but Chloe never accused Cosby of penetrating her. So, it’s gonna be interesting to see how this case turns out.