Whaaat?!! Demond Wilson Revealed Why He Never Liked “Sanford & Son”

Posted On : April 18, 2016

demond wilson now

Demond Wilson made all of us take a liking to his “Sanford & Son” character, “Lamont,” back in the day. The only problem was that it doesn’t seem like he ever took a liking to the character himself. We’re not sure if he feels differently now, but almost a decade after “Sanford & Son” was over, Demond Wilson did a Jet Magazine interview back in the day where he publicly went on record and detailed exactly what he hated about being on “Sanford & Son.” Also, if you haven’t heard by now, Demond is never one to filter his feelings, nor his words, which makes what he actually revealed about his dislike for such a cult classic, all the more interesting…


DEMOND SAID THE SHOW WAS "FOOLISHNESS" Here is what Demond said regarding his character and the Sanford and Son show in it's entirety: "You can't say that Sanford & Son" was dramatic, was serious. It was foolishness. I didn't watch it then and I don't watch it now." But wait, there's more>>>

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