Donnie Simpson’s SON Chose An Unexpected Career & Business Is BOOMING!

Posted On : June 13, 2016

Who knew Donnie Simpson (from “Video Soul”) had a son? His name is Donnie Simpson Jr. and he’s 42 years old. At one point Donnie Jr. followed in his Pop’s footsteps and worked in the radio industry as a producer on his dad’s radio show on WPGC in Washington D.C.. After WPGC made the decision to attract a younger audience, Donnie Sr. and Donnie Jr. said ‘Peace out’ to the station in 2010 and that’s when Donnie Jr. decided to follow his other passion and so far business has been booming for the brotha and his wife.


Donnie Simpson Jr. and his children This is a throwback photo from 2014 of Donnie Jr. with he and Katie's children. Cute right?...

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