Here’s Why Ali’s UNKNOWN 10th Child Says She Was Kept A SECRET

Posted On : June 5, 2016

When the iconic Muhammad Ali passed away on June 3rd, there were several questions left unanswered. Talks of family drama immediately began surfacing, which reminded many of one proven source of tension within Ali’s fam’: Ali’s 35 year old secret daughter. About a year and 9 months ago, Ali’s secret daughter brought to light some of the family drama when she was forced to go to the media to publicly plead to “see him before he dies,” referring to her dad, Ali. See why she said her existence has been kept secret from the public and where she stands today, after her beloved father has passed away…


Here is a video clip of the interview Kiiursti did with The Mirror, in a public plea to try to get in contact with her father.

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