Ike Turner’s 13th WIFE Details Beatings & Understood Why He Beat Her

Posted On : June 9, 2016

The late Ike Turner stated quite often that he was married a whopping 13 times in his 76 years of life. Ike was always quite a character and was very candid about his struggles with addiction, sexual abuse as a child, and his abusive actions toward some women in his life. We all know Tina’s story and now Ike’s last wife/his background singer, Audrey Madison Turner, is telling her’s in her new memoir, “Love Had Everything to Do with It.” According to Audrey, one of the things she wants people to understand the most when reading her book, is the reason WHY Ike used to beat her. Check this out family…


ike turner and wife audrey After Ike Turner passed away in 2007, Audrey; Ike's friend, attorney James Clayton; and Ike's kids battled it out in court over the strange wills Ike supposedly left behind. Audrey presented a handwritten will she said Ike wrote two months before his death, which included her as a beneficiary. Clayton presented a handwritten will he said Ike wrote in 2001, which excluded Audrey and left Ike's estate in the control of Clayton and one of Ike's kids. Ike's kids also argued that because Ike left no valid will, their dad's estate should automatically go to them. We don't know who won, but the journey to get there sure was interesting to say the least.

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